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JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Receive customized quotations.

You deserve special treatment, and for this reason, when you sign up to our platform, you will have access to exclusive customized quotations. As if you were dealing with a sales person! Always with competitive rates and full transparency and reliability.

How does Quotation Creator work?

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Your quotes are just a click away

For standard shipments, you will receive your instant customized online quote for:

  • full container 20’, 40’, 40’HC under conditions of INCOTERM CFR, CPT, CIP and CIF.
  • any country of destination/origin in the world.

* Except for occasional exceptions, such as uncommon ports, or those with some kind of restriction, countries at war, ports that are temporarily suspended or embargoed, etc.

For the rest of container types or INCOTERMS, as well as standard shipments that require special conditions, you will receive your quote from our sales department, which will deal with it quickly and personally.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Advanced quote filter

Not all shipments to the same destination have the same requirements! Filter the results according to your priority (price, transit time, type of service, nearest departure date …). Always select the option that best suits your needs.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Manage your purchase order

Select the quote, access the booking and click on the load confirmation order. All without leaving our platform. You don’t have to confirm immediately, you can save your quotes and decide later.

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