JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Supply Chain Support

We are venturing “inland” into your organization. We will optimize areas of your supply chain to successfully launch you into the world of maritime transport.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

We will help you with every step of your maritime logistics

Maybe you don’t know much about shipping, or simply prefer to dedicate your energy and resources to other business areas? Outsource parts of your logistics and leave them in the hands of experts with more than 20 years’ experience in maritime transport. We’ll become just another department within your organization!

How does Supply Chain Support work?

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Training and consultancy

We train your teams to take on the challenges of maritime freight transport.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Software development adapted to your management program

We help you integrate our platform into your ERP management system, and even develop customized IT solutions to optimize your maritime logistics chain.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Management of maritime tenders

Do you have TENDER agreements directly with shipping companies, but miss the trust and dedication offered by a freight forwarder? At JCV we take care of your shipments. In this way, you have a single centralized contact person at JCV for all your operations, and the professional service of a freight forwarder, while still benefiting from your agreements at a global level.

We add value and know-how to your company.
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