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JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Why JCV?

Specialists in maritime transport

We’ve been onboard a long time. We have more than 20 years’ experience, dealing every day with the real needs of our clients and creating solutions to improve the daily management of maritime freight transport.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Transparency and reliability

When the waters get rough, we all lose out. We’re looking for clients, not sales, so we take care of your interests at all times, offering you competitive quotes, sharing information and supporting you if problems arise.

We help you win clients and retain them

No transport service is infallible, but we are convinced that the right information, at the right time, will help to win and retain clients, and add value to your company compared to other potential suppliers.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Solutions that simplify your day-to-day operations

We ship worldwide and offer solutions for the control, management and analysis of your shipments by sea, integrated into one platform, so you have a single contact person for all your operations.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Shipment information in real time

Follow the transit of your goods around the world in real time, with information about the entire process from origin to destination, and with access to all documentation.

Comprehensive maritime transport

At JCV we can provide you with all types of containers and you can request the management of international shipments of any type of goods, INCOTERM and location service.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Constant optimization of your business

With our consignment history and data analysis tools, you can make evaluations, draw conclusions and make the best decisions for future operations.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Easy-to-use interface

We handle the tedious processes for you. Our platform is simple, easy-to-use and intuitive.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Support from a driven expert team

With JCV, you’ll never sail alone. You’ll have a highly qualified team by your side in all your operations, just one click away.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Development of new functions that are exclusive to JCV

We are constantly improving. With JCV, you’ll benefit from exclusive functions and parameters not available on any other platform. We actively listen to your needs to propose new solutions.

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