JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Sonar Vision

All your goods easily visible from a single screen: All the information and documentation about your shipments as well as their geographical position in real time.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

View all the information from origin to destination

At last, you have all the information about your shipments in one place. Loading information (day of loading, warehouse, date of departure, ship, cargo references, etc.), as well as information about the actual position of your goods, with the departure date, arrival estimate and the shipment status, and access to all the documentation created in relation to your file.

How does Sonar Vision work?

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Geolocalization in real time

Locate your shipments on the map in real time. Click for relevant information such as:
· Departure date,
· Shipment Status (Port of origin, in transit or destination port)
· Information about the ship carrying out the transport

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Center for receiving and downloading documentation

Access the documentation for each file with just one Click. Documents generated by
· You (Invoice, Packing List, Certificates, etc.)
· JCV (Customs Clearance, Insurance Certificates, etc.)
· The Shipping Company (Copy of BL, Certificates requested for Letter of Credit, etc.)

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Summary of your recent shipments

Quick access to a summary of your current operations.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Containers pending shipment

Get a clear overview of the bookings that are pending shipment.

JCV - Expertos en Transporte Marítimo

Quick access to specific shipments

Select shipments by destination, recipient name, cargo references and view only the information you’re most interested in at any time. Save customized searches by creating shortcuts and save time in your subsequent queries.

Real-time tracking of your goods in transit around the world.

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